Main practice areas

Labour law: A business often needs support before, during and after employment lifetime. Eldrimner prepares employment agreements and confidentiality and/or competition clauses, assists in layoffs, firings and re-regulation of employment. The firm also assists in negotiations with unions and disputes between the parties.

Construction law: In construction business both purchasers and construction companies could need some advice before, during and after the construction. Initially the advice can regard the contract design, including deviations from any applicable general provisions. During a construction regularly conflicts arise, big or small, which need to be resolved without any other  disturbances. Sometimes there will be a dispute where the parties need outside help. Eldrimner gives support in any such situation.

Conflict and Dispute Resolution: It is impossible to go through life, whether privately or professionally, without the occurrence of conflicts and/or disputes. Eldrimner assists disputing parties in the general courts (district courts, courts of appeal and the Supreme Court) and in arbitration. As an alternative of resolving a dispute in court or arbitration, the parties may instead agree to seek a voluntary settlement. This is something that typically better satisfies both parties’ needs and interests, than a court or arbitral judgement. If the parties need help with the dialogue on a consensual solution they can turn to a neutral mediator who, so to speak, will help the parties to find their own solution to their own problem. Gert Nilsson is a CEDR accredited mediator (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution, London, and is also mediation trained by Friare Liv AB ( in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and by the Folke Bernadotte Academy (peace processes).

Gert Nilsson undertakes assignments as mediator in mediation in business disputes (including employment disputes, workplace mediation, construction disputes and in family disputes.