Cross-border or cultural disputes

Trade between companies in different states occurs to a greater extent than ever before. Small and large companies do business across borders every day, all over the world and many companies are established abroad. However, this is not new information.

Disputes arising from international business can be complicated and costly, as the parties come from different countries and sometimes different continents. In addition, existing business relationships can often be broken down into conflict / dispute. Of course, there are courts and arbitrators who resolve cross-border disputes, but it is not only a very costly and potentially destructive way to find a solution, it is also often very time consuming.

Different companies often have completely different corporate cultures, which is especially true when they are located in different countries. This may mean that both parties want a mediator with experience from their own cultural, legal and commercial background. If so, the dispute can be handled by two mediators, one from each country. This is called “co-mediation in cross-border disputes” and can be a very powerful tool in such cases. In addition to the general benefit of “one” mediator with four ears, four eyes and two brains, the parties can through “co-mediation” also achieve the advantage of mediators who can handle a multicultural environment. This can ensure that the interests and needs of both parties are met, which is a fundamental cornerstone of mediation.

If the parties want “co-mediation”, Gert has the contacts needed to find mediators from many other countries (besides Sweden).

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