Conflict and Dispute Resolution


It is impossible to go through life, whether private or professional, without being involved in conflicts and/or disputes. Eldrimner Law Firm assists litigants in the General Courts (District Court, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court) and in arbitration. As an alternative to resolving a dispute in court or arbitration, the parties may instead agree to try to find a consensus solution. This is usually better satisfying the needs and interests of both parties, than when a court or arbitration panel determines what should apply. If the parties need help with the dialogue on a consensus solution, one can turn to a neutral mediator, which, for example, helps the parties to find their own solution to their own problem. Gert Nilsson is an accredited mediator at Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution, CEDR, London ( and also mediation educated by Friare Liv AB ( in Nonviolent Communication (NVC), by the Folke Bernadotte Academy (Peace Processes) and by The TCM Group, London, in the context of workplace mediation.


Gert Nilsson takes on assignments as a mediator in both commercial disputes (including workplace conflicts/labour disputes and contractual disputes) and family disputes (custody disputes, etc.).