Family Mediation


Many children are forced to experience a divorce or a separation between the parents and unfortunately even distressing court disputes about custody, housing and access. In order to contribute to a change in this situation, Gert Nilsson offers mediation in such disputes, often in collaboration with a child psychologist who is responsible for the best interests of the child. The idea of ediation is to help parents to find a consensus solution on the issues relating to custody, housing and access, rather than litigating in court.

The mediation of such disputes usually occurs as follows. Gert Nilsson speaks individually with the parents and their representatives before the actual mediation session. The child psychologist (if he or she is engaged) also speaks individually with the parents, but also one or more times with the child or the children. The aim is to find each child´s best in the current situation. Thereafter a joint mediation meeting will be held, normally under a full day (or more), led by Gert Nilsson. Even the child psychologist can participate in these meetings, which is usually appreciated by the parents. If they reach an agreement during the mediation, a written agreement will be drawn up where the various issues will be settled. Sometimes the representatives are present at the mediation meeting, sometimes not.

The advantage of mediation in custody disputes, compared to the court process, is, among other things, that the parents during the mediation may focus on the child or the children, instead of the second parent´s shortcomings, as well as the present and the future, instead of what has been. In addition, in mediation it is the parents themselves - not a judge - who determines how the current issues should be best regulated for their children. This at the same time saves time and money as well as enhances the chances that the children may feel good and that the parents get a better working parent relationship.

Therefore, disputing parents, lawyers and other representatives in family litigation and judges are advised to propose mediation, preferably as early as possible during the court process. When the court has appointed a mediator, the state pays the cost of this.